A downloadable game for macOS

Can you read hexadecimal colour codes, like #FF0000 or #CCCCCC? Which colours do they represent? How do the codes work, and how do you build them? Play HexGuess to receive a full tutorial on hex colour codes, and test your knowledge by playing a fun quiz game!

This game was made as a result of the Guildford Game Jammers Colour Jam of 2016. To join a Guildford game jam, visit this page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/486374098214833/

Install instructions

Available for Windows and Mac. Download the appropriate .zip file for your platform, unzip and double click either the .exe file (Windows) or the .app file (Mac).


HexGuess_Mac.zip 25 MB
HexGuess_Windows.zip 12 MB

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